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Phoenix Rises
Support Phoenix and her companions at the
Peace River Wildlife Center

Remember the Phoenix Rising fund raiser last year for the eagle shocked on the electric wires in PGI? He (thought it was a she, until they did blood tests) was well enough to be released recently. The vet, Dr. Robin Jenkins, cared for Phoenix throughout his stay and estimated based on the damage, it could be as much as 2-3 years for all his feathers to molt, but to everyone's amazement they came back in perfectly! He was kept in a secret location in a flight cage to avoid much contact with humans. Feeders began to notice his attempts to fly in the cage and a release date was set. Beyond Ourselves members were invited to the release. It was so exciting to see Phoenix fly. He didn't fly very high, but flew over the field, glided over the pond, and disappeared into a tree. Check out the news story online. They covered it well from beginning to end.

Suncoast News Story

Eagle Perch

The eagle story really captured the hearts of so many people in the Southwest Florida community and has been a boost to the awareness of what the Peace River Wildlife Center does. Remember they release animals continuously; we just focused on this one- Phoenix Rising! The need is great for a facility that does not take government funding, but relies on community support. The staff (limited) and volunteers do an incredible job rehabbing, releasing, and caring for the permanent residents at the PRWC. We need to continue to do our part by recycling aluminum cans (drop off PRWC), saving other aluminum items (Allied Recyling), donating needed supplies (PGICA box), and supporting fund raising activities.

Thank you to all who helped make this years dinner a success.